1. turnbowmobile:

    ooh, geode!

    Riches and Wonders mobile

    on etsy

    This is from my new tumblr turnbow mobiles! I hope that some of you will follow me there.

  2. There are a few people who will appreciate that I’m naming my mobiles after old Mountain Goats songs. This one is called Distant Stations and it. Is. In. My. Etsy shop! #mobile #sculpture #artobject #themountaingoats

  3. Collaborative drawing with Stephen Steinbrink when he stayed at my house during his tour earlier this year.

    5”x7” watercolor and gouache on Fabriano paper. 2014

  4. Still Undecided

    10”x10” gouache on Arches paper. 2014

  5. This is the way I like it. Never gonna change. #art #studio #verymessy

  6. Commissioned portrait of an old friend and her cat. And a portrait of (young) Nicolas Cage.

    watercolor pencil and gouache on fabriano paper. 2014

  8. Elizabeth Taylor. watercolor, gouache and gold ink on Arches paper. 2014

  9. Seer Baby Guarded by Pekingese. 8.5”x12” watercolor and gouache on Arches paper. 2014

  10. teddy bear. watercolor and gouache on paper 2014